Crane Cruise Bicycle Ride
Sponsored by Medaryville / White Post Twp Fire Department

October 10, 2020

Comments from Riders

The Crane Cruise has always been a great ride. This years ride, sponsored, organized, and implemented by the Medaryville/White Post VFD, was by far the best ever. I have been riding invitationals for over 45 years (yikes) and I believe that this ride is one of the top events I have participated in. The roads, scenery, and excellent food choices at all of the well stocked and manned sags were part of the reason but it was the volunteers who made this ride great. We were met with a smile and helping hand at EVERY sag stop and this was despite the fact that we made up the tail end of the ride. After finishing the ride one hour past the deadline of 4:00 the volunteer workers offered to set up a table for us and serve the full post-ride meal. This is truly a ride not to miss. See you next year.

Thank you for putting on a great Crane Cruise ride last Saturday.  We had a good time.  You people did a great job.  No complaints from the "Panhandle Peddlers" in Winamac.  
See you next year!
Thanks for a great 2018 Crane Cruise! You put a lot of heart into the event.